Through increased awareness, patronage and product offerings, The Canadian Purchasing Collective helps create beautiful and efficient hospital gift shops that deliver increased revenue year over year.


Increased donations, revenue and volunteer engagement are just the beginning. Our expertise and customized support have helped hospitals achieve their goals.



Absolutely an increase in sales. From the volunteer’s the conversation is usually disbelief. Even I was not a believer. I have sure changed my thinking now.
— Marie Petch, Auxiliary President.


We have not had sales like this before.
— Marg Baker, Gift Shop Volunteer


The volunteers are happier because sales are up and they are busier. Staff have commented on the changes and are pleased and shopping more.
— Barb Olmsted, Gift Shop Convenor

Hospital #1
Increased donations by 88%

Hospital #2
Increased revenue 103%

Hospital #3
Increased hourly value by 184%

  • We drive bottom line results and increased revenue for your gift shop.

  • We engage volunteers, partnering with them and providing the tools they need to run their gift shop. 

  • We create a positive shopping experience for your customers, positioning your gift shop as an essential service within the hospital community. 

  • We provide a streamlined, single source inventory system and simplified invoicing.


The best way to predict your gift shop’s success is to help create it. Through our work with hospital gift shops, we have identified five functions that are essential to success.

Partner with us to identify how we can positively impact your gift shop business in one or more of these areas.

  1. PLAN: Increase sales and improve profits.

  2. PEOPLE: Recognize and enhance the important role of volunteers.

  3. PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES: Implement efficient systems for smooth daily operations.

  4. POLICIES AND PRACTICE: Ensure everyone owns their purpose.

  5. PROMOTIONS: Generate awareness and sales with new activity.



Owned and operated by Krystyna Kwiecinski, an experienced professional in non-profit retail enterprises, The Canadian Purchasing Collective is an essential source of knowledge and reliable systems that help hospital gift shops drive profitability to financially support their hospital and its mission.

Started as a one hospital pilot, we invested a full year to truly understand the intricacies of operating a hospital gift shop while demonstrating the success our services provide. Since then, we have helped gift shops not just improve their bottom line through better selection of merchandise and customer experience, but also generate a more positive image and enthusiasm among volunteers, staff, administrators, patients and visitors. 

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about our story. More importantly, we want to hear yours and understand how we can help. Contact us today.